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Nov 13, 2015

Ercros emitted up to 5 times the amount of mercury it declared in their plant in Palos de la Frontera

According to the following documents, Electroquímica Onubense (EQO), formerly Ercros, systematically manipulated their real emissions of mercury at their plant in Palos de la Frontera, located in the south of Spain. In some cases, they released up to five times more mercury than the amount they declared to the authorities.

In one of the emails, the Director of the plant tells the Director of Sustainable Development of Ercros, that he has decided - along with the Director of another area of the company - to fake the annual balance of mercury, manipulating the total amount received. In this way, the plan only declares 1000 kg of mercury, even though they received around 3000 kg. By doing this, they can release what is left into the environment illegally.

At the same time, Salinas del Odiel, owners of the plant since June 2015, did not do anything to the people responsible and did not protect their workers to the dangerous levels of mercury they were being exposed to. Overexposition to this chemical can cause serious health issues and even death.

Ercros, emitió hasta 5 veces la cantidad de mercurio que declaró en su centro de Palos de la Frontera

Según los siguientes documentos, Electroquímica Onubense (EQO), antigua Ercros, falsificó de manera continuada las emisiones reales de mercurio en su centro de Palos de la Frontera.

En algunos casos las emisiones eran 5 veces superiores a las que presentaron a las autoridades.

En uno de los correos, el Director del centro de Palos le dice a la Directora de Desarrollo Sostenible del grupo Ercros, que ha acordado con el Director de la División de Química Básica falsificar el balance anual, no reflejando todo el mercurio que recibe. De esta forma, el centro de Palos declara solo 1000 kg de mercurio de manera oficial, a pesar de recibir alrededor de 3000 kg. Al no declarar todo el mercurio, pueden emitir lo restante de forma ilegal.

A su vez, Salinas del Odiel, dueños del centro desde junio de 2015, a pesar de conocer las falsificaciones, no han hecho nada para depurar responsabilidades ni proteger a sus trabajadores a la exposición peligrosa al mercurio.

La sobreexposición a este químico puede causar graves problemas de salud, e incluso la muerte.

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