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Oct 28, 2014

Icelandic police report on the 'Pot and Pan Revolution' from 2008 to 2011

The following document is a detailed police report on the Icelandic revolution which began in 2008. In the report is the personal information of up to 75 people who were being monitored for their activities during and after the uprising. The 271 page document was sent to the Icelandic media last Friday 24th of October, although the names, IDs and other sensitive information of the people being followed and/or their family members - including health issues and political tendencies- , as well as policemen involved in the investigation, were not properly redacted and could be read under a strong light. At the same time, the redactions in an electronic version leaked to the media were easily readable after a simple copy & paste operation. We believe it is important that the details on how the police have been targeting citizens for their political activities come to light, as these practices can be harmful to democratic societies. The version presented here is fully and properly redacted, excluding the sensitive information the way local authorities intended.


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